As we are getting busier by the month, it's been getting harder to manage the sales through a one-on-one base with our customers. So, I will be opening our website back up to direct the customers all the info they need on products, services and, even payments; that being said, we sincerely apologize for some of the products or services that may not have enough information (just yet). We  initially opened this website to sell some of our products that we had put on sale for people all over the U.S. not, just locally. The sales turned out fairly good but, what is more important is that, our customers were able to see more than what we have and offer. This transition must happen : ) Please bare with us as we slowly make that move ;)

Thank you -Paa


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 We're a small shop decorating on today's T-Shirt Culture. When we get busy, it can go days on end to a point of just having to dump our creations in "Our Day"; and also, on our downtime creating random shirts. Some are pretty bada** designs and people soon took noticed  -it's where the gems at. 

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