Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?

We will need more information about what you have in mind and what we will need for procurement before we can do that. Contact us, and we will reply with an estimate of the time required and a suggested budget. 

Who owns the finished design?

Our small fee for making designs for your custom apparel does (not) include full ownership licensing. And, if ever your design was for Free, it does not mean you have full ownership. We give a lot of discounts involving free custom design service. All designs that are produced by us will be ours and kept in file electronically for you. When you return to us for more production that involves the design, there will be no fee for any design service. If you want to purchase the full ownership license, we will have to create a separate invoice with a signed release and transfer of ownership statement. 

Can you do it right now?

Custom orders takes (2 WEEKS) to make from when the payment has been received. On busy seasons, for most Custom Apparel Decorators and Suppliers, both will be affected with in the region. Small shops like us can be affected in a longer delay. Therefore the delivery delay can take as long as a week. However, It is sometimes possible for us to do rush orders for and additional fee. Send us a message as soon as possible, and we will get back to you to let you know if we have space in our schedule for a rush order. 

How long does it take to make a full sport uniform design?

Typical will be 2 - 4 weeks. Busy season can go up to a month and a half.  

How soon can you complete a logo?

This can take 1 week to a month and a half.